Hospitality & Healthcare Lanka Pvt. Ltd.

HHLL is a speciality Luxury Ayurveda Retreat(s) combining leisure travel with dedicated hospitality and healthcare facilities. All Ayurveda retreats have our own inbuilt Ayurveda pharmacy, with all medication imported from Kerala, India. Well trained, experienced and dedicated panel of doctors, therapists and nurses from Kerala.

Apart from Ayurveda treatments we focus on Lifestyle & Wellness programs such as Yoga and meditation. When traveling, most of us desire accommodation that are comfortable, and we dream about activities outside of the room, perhaps even outside of the resort. When traveling, guest expectations are usually recreation, sightseeing, creating memories that are pleasant and enjoyable. When guests are seeking us for treatments, our objective is directed toward creating pleasant memories of relaxation while enjoying the traditional Ayurveda treatment well focused on wellness and treatment.

We have a highly trained and skilled group of hotel employees. HHLL provides a higher quality service to our guests than other properties in the hospitality industry, while we maintain a much broader rapport between staff – guest to create a better physical, mental, and emotional experience for the guests.
Purple Coot Ayurveda Retreat - Wadduwa Wadduwa Extras Purple Coot Ayurveda Retreat Wadduwa Srilanka 2
Purple Coot Ayurveda Retreat - Wadduwa Wadduwa Extras Purple Coot Ayurveda Retreat Wadduwa Srilanka 6

We at HHLL, specifically recognize that satisfaction with service is driven in part by goal attainment, especially for customer satisfaction. Factors such as food quality, high level of comfort, quite, physical environment and hygiene.

We recognize that there is significant merit in guests seeking wellness may, well respond to initiatives in improving service quality. Providing health coaching, nutritional advice, Yoga/ meditation programs, and likewise will improve the hospitality and health care satisfaction of specific guests.

Future properties of HHLL are set in a unique, serene and quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the city noises. These will be located in different parts of the country such as Southern Coast, East Coast, Hill Country and in Cultural Triangle with a combination of over 1000 high-end luxury rooms. Every location has its unique identity located in an unexplored virgin destination similar to Purple Coot Resort in Bolgoda.

All locations are ideal not only for Ayurveda but for honeymooners, script writers novelist and professionals such as scientist, philosophic and leisure travelers who long to escape the rat race of the city life to enjoy, experience a unique and an unforgettable once in life time experience.


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